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Dick is a Dick

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Evel Dick.. Hmm.. Dick is really a Evel Dick. At first I thought, Hey cool this guy is calling people out on their lies in front of everyone. That is awesome and is something new in the Big Brother house, but as I got to know a bit more about him my opinions have changed. Yes, Kail lied to him. Yes, it was fun to watch him call her out but he has gone to far with his ‘Dickish’ attitude. And I thought the interview for Sludgeaholic of the Month was bad.

Today he said to Jen “You are a f*@#ing piece of s&#@!” and “I hope you die a slow horrible death”. Now, I think no matter what Jen did to Dick or anyone else in the house he has no right to speak like that about anyone. His blow-out is in regards to Jen taking the prizes instead of the veto and letting Jameka win it because she knew Jameka would take her off, as per Jameka giving her word ‘she will do whatever the person who picks her wants’.

The following video took place following the POV ceremony: (warning: strong strong language) Click (more…)

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Houseguests take on a new look

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Big Brother 8 house guest Nick decided to change his appearance today. At first I didn’t know what to think but now that it is all done I think it looks good. Well as good as it can. Bad ass Nick has a new bad ass look to match. Check out the video below :

The aftermath, Dustin helped him touch it up- Screen shots of his new doo


I didn’t think this was enough for a whole new post so here you go! Dustin and Eric also joined Nick this evening by changing their hair. Dustin went for a buzz cut while Eric died his hair black and went for a ‘faux hawk’ kind of thing.

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Erics task – Was the Veto used?

Warning: This post does contain spoilers. The spoilers contain the phrase America has chose for Eric to start in the house and the results of the Power of Veto Ceremony.  Also post-ceremony reactions (videos).

If you wish to know because the results air on CBS click (more…)

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Style Court on the Style Network

I must admit Zach Swerdzewski seems normal on this show. In the Big Brother house he has been creepy to most of the people living with him. Check him out on Style Court:

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Check out this sneak preview of former Big Brother house guest Will Kirby on DR90210.

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Mike Dutz first personal blog entry since leaving BB

Posted on his myspace page

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My 1st blog after life in the Big Brother house

Hey everyone I’m back!!! Well it sucks I’m not in the running any longer but I’m glad to be out of the hamster cage and able to communicate once again! I’ve been super busy having only been back home now for 24 hours. I just wanted to touch base with everyone really quickly and say thank you for watching, supporting, and standing behind me. I havnt had a chance to watch the episodes yet, but I dont think a lot of the things I was involved in the house was aired on CBS. I think some of the stuff was on Showtime and on the live feeds on the internet. They portrayed me as this man of mystery when in fact I had a great insight on what was going down. I dont think many of my great predictions, conversations, and insight was shown…perhaps throwing off this image labeled on me by the show. I’ll be sure to write a blog containing much more insight to this in the future. But I just wanted to say thanks for all the comments and requests…keep them coming and I’ll be sure to get in touch with everyone. Just please know it may take some times to go through all the emails on top of all the craziness from coming off the show. Thanks!!!

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Entertainment Weekly Interview with Mike Dutz


He stood for loyalty and integrity…by lying down and pretending to suck on a bottle like a baby. Who says Mike Dutz, the 26-year-old painting contractor from Three Lakes, Wis., doesn’t have personality? Okay, most of his Big Brother housemates, who evicted him Thursday night by a vote of 7 to 2. Here, he explains why he wasn’t the bell of the BB ball, and why Dick really is Evil.

ENTERTAINMENT WEKLY: What was your strategy coming into the house? You’ve been a mystery to a lot of people.
My strategy was to kind of pick everybody’s brain, and try to get a base for what [they were like when what] they were telling me was true. Then start asking them questions that they could possibly fabricate on and see if I saw any deviation in their mannerisms. I wanted to get a sense of when they were lying. And then hopefully, if that person was a liar, catch them down the road in some sort of a lie and then have a reason to nominate them or turn the house against them. It was very hard going into it that way, because not all the people wanted to open up to me so early on. I’d try to carry conversation with people and it was sort of one-sided, and the conversation basically ended when I ran out of questions for people. They just didn’t want to reciprocate. So then I started to lay back and let people do their thing and tried to take in as much as I could. I later found out that people felt threatened by that mystery of me not revealing information to anyone.

What kind of questions were you asking them?
Oh gosh, I don’t actually remember. [Laughs]

Dustin said he felt like he didn’t know you at all. Did you put more of yourself out there than the players are giving you credit for? (more…)

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