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Craz-ee night in the Big Brother 8 House

Its hard to tell if Eric, Dustin or Jessica won the Head of Household tonight. The celebrations were just as much for each of them. Jessica’s smile didn’t leave her face for most of the night and Dustin and Eric recruited to the work out room to jump up and down as did Dustin and Amber later on. Daniele and Dick took to the round bed room where she sobbed “I wanna go home”. Dick comforted for around a hour before leaving to get something to drink. – Video

Smiles all around with the exception of Dick and Daniele, Zach and Jen seemed to be in between. Many of the house guest got to receive Dicks verbal assault. I can see where he is coming from. Dustin was suppose to be the 4th vote to evict Eric but he changed that. Once again the ‘mysterious’ vote has a popped up making it look like it’s been Dick all along but we all know it wasn’t. Dustin said very soon after the live show “It wasn’t me” Dick, “It wasn’t you what?”, “I wasn’t the vote”. Hmm I wonder who it was then? – Eric and Dustin celebrate – Language (more…)

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Episode 16

If you missed it 

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Episode 15

In case you missed Episode 15 on Tuesday August, 7th 2007 you can watch it here 

You can see all previous episodes by clicking here.

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Power of Veto Ceremony results

Warning: This post does contain spoilers. The spoilers include the results of the Power of Veto ceremony announcing if the veto was used and if someone was replaced on the chopping block.

If you wish to know before it airs on CBS click (more…)

August 7, 2007 at 8:21 am 3 comments

Episode 14

August, 5th 2007 In case you have missed it:

I’ll post previous episodes in the videos section.

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Live Feed re-cap August 4th – early morning 5th

Warning: This post does contain spoilers.

Some surprising things happened today, Dick and Erics dinner time blow-out, Jen and Daniele talk game, Dick and Jen call truce, Zach is looking for a record and more.

Daniele explained to Jen their plan and their reasoning behind it. At first Daniele was hesitant in telling Jen they are going for Eric not Zach this week but finally she tells her. She let her in on Eric and why they think that way but Jen tells Daniele that its not Eric telling Kail things its her telling Kail. Either way Eric is still the ‘leak’ the LNC have been looking for whether it’s to Jen or Kail. Thanks to the banner flown over the house during the recent HOH competition things have been put into perspective for Dick and Daniele. Jen seems to go along with the plan. Vid1, Vid2 “I’ve been working with Eric” -Jen

After or maybe before the power of veto competition today (not shown on feeds) Dick threw Jens clothes all over the room and in retaliation Jen threw Dicks cigarettes in the pool. Luckily for him he has a few packs still remaining in the HOH room. Later Dick and Jen joined each other in the HOH room for some game talk but Dick also called a truce. “If you lay off Daniele and all that Sh!# I’ll lay off you and we can co-exsist” “I will watch what I say and I won’t go over the line I promise you”. Shocking yes! They also hug!! We saw another soft side of Dick later but more of that below. Check out the videos here, Vid1, Vid2, Vid3, Vid4 (more…)

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Veto Players

Warning: This post does contains Spoilers. The spoilers include the House Guests chosen to play in the Power of Veto competition tomorrow.

To see the houses guest chosen to play in the POV tomorrow click (more…)

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Dustins HOH Diary

Hi Y’all!

So blogging or what have you is not necessarily my bag of chips, but the opportunity to sit at a computer and type again is something that I will be taking full advantage of. Also, the time to sit in a room, alone, with my thoughts, is a great value in the Big Brother house so using this time to its fullest will be fantastic. Expect a long one.


Let us start from the beginning. It was down to Jameka and I in the HOH competition and I knew it was in the bag. Call it faith, intuition, psychic phenomena, zodiac alignment, Karma, ba gaga gong; I had a feeling. So here I am. Six days later, five grand richer, and much fatter. (more…)

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House Guests See Banner

The live feeds while the HOH competition was going were cut. We now know that this happened because a banner plane was flown over the house during this time. Big Brother 8 House guests were immediately instructed to not look up but many of them did including Daniele, Jameka, Eric, Dustin, Dick and Amber. This has confirmed to Daniele and Dick that Eric was the mysterious second vote last week that was blamed on Jen by Dick to vote Kail out. I find it funny that Amber thinks its someone just wanting to make them look bad because they [Eric and Her] have been the most honest people in the house and that Eric thinks its a crazy Nick fan, not what America thinks.  See the banners flown over earlier

Amber defends herself to Dustin – Video

Eric & Amber discuss the banner – Video

Dick realizes Eric’s Lying – Video *Language*

(LNC = Late Night Crew [Basically everyone but Zach, Jen and Kail])

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HOH competition results


Warning: This post does contain spoilers. The spoiler includes the results of the Big Brother 8 HOH competition.

To read and watch the results of the HOH competition before it airs on CBS click (more…)

August 3, 2007 at 4:37 am 8 comments

Kail requests DOR – Cleaning Issues and Erics AP task

There was a diary leak this afternoon of Kail in the Diary Room. Shes requesting her DOR! For those of you who don’t know what DOR is it’s Dropped on Request, meaning she wants to volunteer to walk out of the house. Here is the conversation with her and Big Brother.

BB: Are you sure this is what you want to do?

Kail: Well, I think I’m going to go home any — they’re probably going to be sending me home in a couple weeks anyways. And I really don’t want in the sequester house. And… (more…)

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PoV Competition

Warning: This post does contain spoilers. The spoilers include the results of the PoV competition.

Click (more..) if you wish to know before it airs on CBS.


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Week 4 Dustins Nominations

Warning: This post does contain spoilers. The spoilers include Dustins nominations, PoV players & some things about the food competition.

Click (more…) to see videos of Dustin preparing for the nomination speech with Amber and the aftermath of nominations.

Nominations will air on CBS Sunday at 8pm PST.


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