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Final HOH winner

Dick won against Zach in the final HOH. Just what the Jury members feared, the Donatos in the final 2. Zach was sent packing as the final member to join the jury. Tuesday the jury members will ask Daniele and Dick questions as they decide who should win the grand prize. What are your thoughts? Who did you want to be in the final two and who would you choose between Dick and Daniele for the winner if you were a jury member?

September 14, 2007 at 12:44 am 23 comments

Final Big Brother 8 episodes

Yes, Summer is over and the addiction will come to an end next Tuesday. The next three episodes will go like so:

Thursday will be a recap of Part 1 of the HOH comp and Part 2 – Part 3 done live with a eviction leaving us with the final 2 house guests. Sunday will be a “best of BB” show. Tuesday, the finale, Will be questions from the Jury members to the final two house guests as they decide who they want to win the grand prize and Eric announced as being Americas Player.

September 12, 2007 at 11:14 pm 2 comments

New HOH – Spoiler

Warning: This post does contain spoilers. The spoilers include the new HOH.

If you wish to know before it airs on CBS click (more…)

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The Wichita Eagle on their representative

Jessica’s doing Kansas proud 

Now that I feel like I know Jessica Hughbanks a little better, I can admit that my initial impressions of her were totally off base.

I blame CBS.

But I’m not holding a grudge, mainly because Jess and the network have given Kansas and Wichita State University a summer’s worth of free, primetime publicity.

Plus, thanks to her, Kansas might be the only state that needn’t feel totally embarrassed by its “Big Brother 8” representative.

Hughbanks, a 21-year-old Haysville native, is a contestant on the reality show, which airs three times a week on CBS.  (more…)

September 2, 2007 at 8:51 pm 3 comments

Janelle Pierzina talks about her time on BB8

Janelle Pierzina a popular former Big Brother contestant in previous seasons was invited to the CBS studios to host this weeks POV competition. The competition took place last night between the hours of 12:30am and 3:30am. When Janelle left the house she herd that other house guests got the impression that she hated Americas Player Eric Stein and of course Erics fans decided to call up and harass her mother at work. Janelle Pierzina posted on her fan site about her time in the Big Brother 8 house. Read below:

Eric talks about what he said about Janelle after the comp – Click for Video

People need to give it a rest. I realize Eric has alot of fans, but random strangers calling my mothers business and saying I screwed up the game is ridiculous. I have done no such thing. Let me clarify for the haters exactley what went down.
I was super excited to be able to host a veto competition and was even more excited when I saw the set was pink. Big Brother told me that I would get to meet the houseguests and wasn’t allowed to talk about the game or tell anyone I hated them or anything like that. They said have lots of fun with it and have a good time. Before I was reveiled to the houseguests I was hiding behind a screen. There was a short video clip of me winning all the vetos.

September 1, 2007 at 10:23 pm 9 comments

Day 64- POV Competition?

The power of veto competition is rumored to be taking place right now. It’s 3:03AM at the Big Brother house and the live feeds have been out since 12:30AM. We will keep you updated if anything goes down tonight. Keep checking back.

It was true! The power of veto did happen. Feeds were cut from 12:30am and just returned now at 3:30am. If you wish to know what happened and who won POV click (more…)

September 1, 2007 at 10:04 am 2 comments

Nominations are in!

Warning: This post does contain spoilers. The spoilers include the nominations for this week.

If you wish to know before it airs on CBS click (more…)

September 1, 2007 at 3:02 am 2 comments

Episode 25 – HOH winner – Double Eviction & Jedi Janie

Photo: Courtesy of KennyN @ Jokers

If you missed the episode tonight here is a link to the full version. People are asking what ‘veoh’ is. It is basically like but you can load longer videos

Amber evicted 3-1 the one was Jameka.

Julie Chen also informed us that next live show which would be next Thursday will be a double eviction week! We have been speculating that this was going to happen soon and here it is.

Jedi Janie from season 6 and All-Stars will be hosting the next POV competition. Many Janelle fans are excited to see her back in the Big Brother house as she was very popular in her seasons.

I’m also wondering why the jury house hasn’t been shown yet. Usually tonight they would of shown Dustin and possibly Jen and then next Thursday Amber entering the jury house but they haven’t yet. Did Jen walk? Who knows what is up with that.

If you wish to know before it airs on CBS who one the HOH competition tonight and their HOH room reveal click (more…)

August 31, 2007 at 7:32 am 1 comment

CBS on their player (Eric Stein)

As Big Brother 8 has progressed, questions have come up about America’s Player, Eric, and what he can or can’t do. Indeed, many people have speculated and debated these points. But I decided to go to the source, CBS, to find out.

One thing I think would be nice is to have a running tally of how Eric is doing on his tasks. We haven’t seen one, but CBS told me, “As of Thursday’s show (8/2), Eric has completed 7 of 9 America’s Player tasks.” This means he’s earned $10,000 so far, and is three tasks away from another ten grand, as he gets that much for every five tasks completed.

It would appear one task he failed is sleepwalking into Joe’s bed until Joe woke up (we saw him get a “buzz” for that one). As for the other, I’m not entirely sure. He failed in his attempt to get Kail evicted this past week and the week before. That would seem like at least three failures. However, the wording is sometimes different on his tasks – in some cases he has to attempt things, in others he has to succeed. So perhaps that’s the situation here. Like I said, it would be nice to see a running tally of how he’s doing. (more…)

August 14, 2007 at 5:52 am 11 comments

Episode 17

If you missed it

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Craz-ee night in the Big Brother 8 House

Its hard to tell if Eric, Dustin or Jessica won the Head of Household tonight. The celebrations were just as much for each of them. Jessica’s smile didn’t leave her face for most of the night and Dustin and Eric recruited to the work out room to jump up and down as did Dustin and Amber later on. Daniele and Dick took to the round bed room where she sobbed “I wanna go home”. Dick comforted for around a hour before leaving to get something to drink. – Video

Smiles all around with the exception of Dick and Daniele, Zach and Jen seemed to be in between. Many of the house guest got to receive Dicks verbal assault. I can see where he is coming from. Dustin was suppose to be the 4th vote to evict Eric but he changed that. Once again the ‘mysterious’ vote has a popped up making it look like it’s been Dick all along but we all know it wasn’t. Dustin said very soon after the live show “It wasn’t me” Dick, “It wasn’t you what?”, “I wasn’t the vote”. Hmm I wonder who it was then? – Eric and Dustin celebrate – Language (more…)

August 10, 2007 at 7:19 am 4 comments

Episode 16

If you missed it 

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Amber goes off on Eric – Priceless

Updated: Ambers anti-semitic rant has also appeared on CNN & Fox News Red Eye (Video Below)

So far this is the biggest blow-up of the season. Amber doesn’t even know yet that Eric also shared this information with Jessica as well, not just Dick. You can see Eric telling Jessica in the post below.

Ambers Blow up

Dani, Dick + Zach listening in the kitchen – Video

It think it is pretty clear Eric will probably be going home this week. He wasn’t expecting this and I don’t think anyone else was either. His face afterwards was priceless. (more…)

August 8, 2007 at 10:38 pm 2 comments

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