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Final HOH winner

Dick won against Zach in the final HOH. Just what the Jury members feared, the Donatos in the final 2. Zach was sent packing as the final member to join the jury. Tuesday the jury members will ask Daniele and Dick questions as they decide who should win the grand prize. What are your thoughts? Who did you want to be in the final two and who would you choose between Dick and Daniele for the winner if you were a jury member?

September 14, 2007 at 12:44 am 23 comments

Final Big Brother 8 episodes

Yes, Summer is over and the addiction will come to an end next Tuesday. The next three episodes will go like so:

Thursday will be a recap of Part 1 of the HOH comp and Part 2 – Part 3 done live with a eviction leaving us with the final 2 house guests. Sunday will be a “best of BB” show. Tuesday, the finale, Will be questions from the Jury members to the final two house guests as they decide who they want to win the grand prize and Eric announced as being Americas Player.

September 12, 2007 at 11:14 pm 2 comments

Episode 25 – HOH winner – Double Eviction & Jedi Janie

Photo: Courtesy of KennyN @ Jokers

If you missed the episode tonight here is a link to the full version. People are asking what ‘veoh’ is. It is basically like but you can load longer videos

Amber evicted 3-1 the one was Jameka.

Julie Chen also informed us that next live show which would be next Thursday will be a double eviction week! We have been speculating that this was going to happen soon and here it is.

Jedi Janie from season 6 and All-Stars will be hosting the next POV competition. Many Janelle fans are excited to see her back in the Big Brother house as she was very popular in her seasons.

I’m also wondering why the jury house hasn’t been shown yet. Usually tonight they would of shown Dustin and possibly Jen and then next Thursday Amber entering the jury house but they haven’t yet. Did Jen walk? Who knows what is up with that.

If you wish to know before it airs on CBS who one the HOH competition tonight and their HOH room reveal click (more…)

August 31, 2007 at 7:32 am 1 comment

EWs interview with Alison Gordner

‘Big Brother’: Burning Questions Answered!

We asked exec producer Allison Grodner about a decision to punish rule-breaking Jen, how exactly America’s Player works, and more

Say it ain’t so — Big Brother 8 is more than halfway over! We asked executive producer Allison Grodner to take a time out from refereeing the latest fight between Dick and Jen to talk about America’s Player, the overuse of the back-door strategy, and what makes this season so craptastically better than the others.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Anyone who watched Big Brother: After Dark this week saw how Jen went off slop to eat burgers and cottage cheese. Why did you penalize her? (Jen’s punishment will be revealed on tonight’s show.)
ALLISON GRODNER: We always reserve the right to give penalty nominations when rules are broken that are not safety violations or something so extreme that you should be ejected. But this was unprecedented [someone who was already nominated breaking a rule]. (more…)

August 24, 2007 at 1:29 am 1 comment

CBS on their player (Eric Stein)

As Big Brother 8 has progressed, questions have come up about America’s Player, Eric, and what he can or can’t do. Indeed, many people have speculated and debated these points. But I decided to go to the source, CBS, to find out.

One thing I think would be nice is to have a running tally of how Eric is doing on his tasks. We haven’t seen one, but CBS told me, “As of Thursday’s show (8/2), Eric has completed 7 of 9 America’s Player tasks.” This means he’s earned $10,000 so far, and is three tasks away from another ten grand, as he gets that much for every five tasks completed.

It would appear one task he failed is sleepwalking into Joe’s bed until Joe woke up (we saw him get a “buzz” for that one). As for the other, I’m not entirely sure. He failed in his attempt to get Kail evicted this past week and the week before. That would seem like at least three failures. However, the wording is sometimes different on his tasks – in some cases he has to attempt things, in others he has to succeed. So perhaps that’s the situation here. Like I said, it would be nice to see a running tally of how he’s doing. (more…)

August 14, 2007 at 5:52 am 11 comments

Episode 17

If you missed it

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Episode 16

If you missed it 

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Eric tells Jessica Amber’s Secret

As requested here is the video, the part where Eric tells Jessica about Amber’s secret and the meaning of her tatoo at about 15:40 into the following video:

This video also includes Eric completing his task, Promising to take someone to the final two. (Which happened 2 hours before the polls even closed on the CBS website for this task *rolly eyes*)

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Episode 15

In case you missed Episode 15 on Tuesday August, 7th 2007 you can watch it here 

You can see all previous episodes by clicking here.

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Power of Veto Ceremony results

Warning: This post does contain spoilers. The spoilers include the results of the Power of Veto ceremony announcing if the veto was used and if someone was replaced on the chopping block.

If you wish to know before it airs on CBS click (more…)

August 7, 2007 at 8:21 am 3 comments

Episode 14

August, 5th 2007 In case you have missed it:

I’ll post previous episodes in the videos section.

August 6, 2007 at 2:46 am 1 comment

Live Feed re-cap August 4th – early morning 5th

Warning: This post does contain spoilers.

Some surprising things happened today, Dick and Erics dinner time blow-out, Jen and Daniele talk game, Dick and Jen call truce, Zach is looking for a record and more.

Daniele explained to Jen their plan and their reasoning behind it. At first Daniele was hesitant in telling Jen they are going for Eric not Zach this week but finally she tells her. She let her in on Eric and why they think that way but Jen tells Daniele that its not Eric telling Kail things its her telling Kail. Either way Eric is still the ‘leak’ the LNC have been looking for whether it’s to Jen or Kail. Thanks to the banner flown over the house during the recent HOH competition things have been put into perspective for Dick and Daniele. Jen seems to go along with the plan. Vid1, Vid2 “I’ve been working with Eric” -Jen

After or maybe before the power of veto competition today (not shown on feeds) Dick threw Jens clothes all over the room and in retaliation Jen threw Dicks cigarettes in the pool. Luckily for him he has a few packs still remaining in the HOH room. Later Dick and Jen joined each other in the HOH room for some game talk but Dick also called a truce. “If you lay off Daniele and all that Sh!# I’ll lay off you and we can co-exsist” “I will watch what I say and I won’t go over the line I promise you”. Shocking yes! They also hug!! We saw another soft side of Dick later but more of that below. Check out the videos here, Vid1, Vid2, Vid3, Vid4 (more…)

August 5, 2007 at 10:58 am 2 comments

They’re on to Americas Producers Player

Last night during the Head of Household competition the banner that flew over the Big Brother 8 house has stirred things up in the house. Dick and Daniele were convinced that it is now Eric but Eric is covering his butt as much as he can. The vote is still unspoken for, it was blamed on Jen at first but now they are looking at other options. It was Eric and America knows it, Dick & Daniele are on to it, Jessica is believing everything Eric tells her and Eric is blaming Nick, Jen or Zach.

Eric and Jessica talk on the hammock – Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

I feel bad for Jessica, I wish she wouldn’t believe him so much. Dick told Jessica last night that they thought it was Eric and told her not to say anything to anyone. Of course Jessica went to Eric and told him. This made Eric mad because in his words he’s been the most genuine and trustworthy person in the house. Earlier in the Big Brother 8 house Jessica said she didn’t want to be the girl who was played, Eric assured her she wasn’t and that he wasn’t lying to her. In fact according to him the only thing he was worried about when the banner flew over was that she would think he was a liar, not anyone else.

Is CBS freaking out that one of their lame twists may be discovered (more…)

August 3, 2007 at 9:20 pm 14 comments

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