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Interview with Amber Siyavus


Amber Siyavus still seems a little gun-shy, talking about her just-ended, sometimes tumultuous stint on “Big Brother 8.” “This isn’t going to be edited, right?” she asked last week at the end of a telephone interview from Los Angeles.

Siyavus’ concern with editing is understandable: She, like, every other reality show veteran, has learned firsthand how real life can be sliced and diced to create televised drama.

But Siyavus makes no excuses. She admits she said those horrible things about Jewish people on the show, and that she’s sorry about it. She admits she does tend to be a crier, although not nearly to the degree “Big Brother” producers would have you believe. (more…)

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TVGuide interview the Donatos

Big Brother 8 by Cliff Lipson/CBS

Daniele and Dick Donato, with Julie Chen, Big Brother 8

After 81 days and countless dramas, Evel Dick emerged as the $500,000 winner of Big Brother 8, with his daughter, Daniele, taking the $50,000 second prize. The dynamic Donato duo certainly faced their share of controversy and managed to survive being on the block — with each other — three times. The day after their big win, the two shared their favorite moments of the summer, what they plan to do with the money and some surprisingly tender insights about each What was the key to your success?
Dick: Working together. Best teammates ever, best team ever! That’s been your motto since making it to the final two. Why do you think you worked so well together?
Dick: Nobody else did what we did, including Danielle and Jason and their secret alliance in Season 3, Will and Boogie in All-Stars, the twins in Season 5, the exes in Season 4. I’m not comparing our style or personalities or anything to Boogie and Will, but everyone knew that they were a threat and a team from the beginning in All-Stars. Everybody knew that we were a team, and I’m sure they thought we were a threat and working together, but we made it all the way to the end, something that no other two-person alliance has ever done.
Daniele: He was the mouth and I was more of the competitor. People say that he did all the dirty work, but I never asked him to — that wasn’t my game style. We both came into the game separately, and we had our different strategies. That made it a lot harder — him being so loud and open about everything kind of stepped on my toes and my own game play, so I felt like, personally, I was playing two games: my own game and damage control for his game. To be honest, I never in a million years would have thought we would’ve made such a great team. I think it’s just putting two opposites together, then you have a whole round of everything in the mix. (more…)

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Final HOH winner

Dick won against Zach in the final HOH. Just what the Jury members feared, the Donatos in the final 2. Zach was sent packing as the final member to join the jury. Tuesday the jury members will ask Daniele and Dick questions as they decide who should win the grand prize. What are your thoughts? Who did you want to be in the final two and who would you choose between Dick and Daniele for the winner if you were a jury member?

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Final Big Brother 8 episodes

Yes, Summer is over and the addiction will come to an end next Tuesday. The next three episodes will go like so:

Thursday will be a recap of Part 1 of the HOH comp and Part 2 – Part 3 done live with a eviction leaving us with the final 2 house guests. Sunday will be a “best of BB” show. Tuesday, the finale, Will be questions from the Jury members to the final two house guests as they decide who they want to win the grand prize and Eric announced as being Americas Player.

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Janelle Pierzina’s chat with on Youtube

Janelle answers your questions in a interview on real player.

Part 2345

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The Wichita Eagle on their representative

Jessica’s doing Kansas proud 

Now that I feel like I know Jessica Hughbanks a little better, I can admit that my initial impressions of her were totally off base.

I blame CBS.

But I’m not holding a grudge, mainly because Jess and the network have given Kansas and Wichita State University a summer’s worth of free, primetime publicity.

Plus, thanks to her, Kansas might be the only state that needn’t feel totally embarrassed by its “Big Brother 8” representative.

Hughbanks, a 21-year-old Haysville native, is a contestant on the reality show, which airs three times a week on CBS.  (more…)

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Episode 25 – HOH winner – Double Eviction & Jedi Janie

Photo: Courtesy of KennyN @ Jokers

If you missed the episode tonight here is a link to the full version. People are asking what ‘veoh’ is. It is basically like but you can load longer videos

Amber evicted 3-1 the one was Jameka.

Julie Chen also informed us that next live show which would be next Thursday will be a double eviction week! We have been speculating that this was going to happen soon and here it is.

Jedi Janie from season 6 and All-Stars will be hosting the next POV competition. Many Janelle fans are excited to see her back in the Big Brother house as she was very popular in her seasons.

I’m also wondering why the jury house hasn’t been shown yet. Usually tonight they would of shown Dustin and possibly Jen and then next Thursday Amber entering the jury house but they haven’t yet. Did Jen walk? Who knows what is up with that.

If you wish to know before it airs on CBS who one the HOH competition tonight and their HOH room reveal click (more…)

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CBS on their player (Eric Stein)

As Big Brother 8 has progressed, questions have come up about America’s Player, Eric, and what he can or can’t do. Indeed, many people have speculated and debated these points. But I decided to go to the source, CBS, to find out.

One thing I think would be nice is to have a running tally of how Eric is doing on his tasks. We haven’t seen one, but CBS told me, “As of Thursday’s show (8/2), Eric has completed 7 of 9 America’s Player tasks.” This means he’s earned $10,000 so far, and is three tasks away from another ten grand, as he gets that much for every five tasks completed.

It would appear one task he failed is sleepwalking into Joe’s bed until Joe woke up (we saw him get a “buzz” for that one). As for the other, I’m not entirely sure. He failed in his attempt to get Kail evicted this past week and the week before. That would seem like at least three failures. However, the wording is sometimes different on his tasks – in some cases he has to attempt things, in others he has to succeed. So perhaps that’s the situation here. Like I said, it would be nice to see a running tally of how he’s doing. (more…)

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‘Critics’ get a rare look into the Big Brother house

By Gail Pennington

LOS ANGELES — We are not blindfolded, but we might as well be. Jammed into a van, six TV critics dressed in black are heading toward points unknown. Our destination: the “Big Brother” house.

Our accomplices are a group of CBS publicists, excited as we are about getting a peek. Tours are rare, we’ve been told, because of the logistical challenge of taking visitors to a house where the inhabitants are locked away from the world for three months, seeing only their fellow competitors’ faces and hearing only the disembodied voice of “Big Brother.”

After crawling past strip malls, video stores and taco stands, then edging along shockingly steep cliffs, we finally see a landmark: the Los Angeles River, that almost-empty concrete trench. We turn in sharply, stopping at a checkpoint and giving our code word to the guard. (more…)

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Episode 16

If you missed it 

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Nick Starcevic Interviews

”My strategy going in was to be a flirt with the ladies, and even maybe with some of the guys, but that changed as soon as I met Daniele”

Just like every evicted house guest Nick Starcevic appeared on the Early Show with Big Brother 8 host Julie Chen. He also had many other interviews. You can see the extended version of his interview on the Early Show here. You can read Nick Starcevics interviews with entertainment weekly, Entertainment tonight, the slug, reality new and more by clicking (more…)

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Dilana contacted to put together Dicks shindig for CBS

 “For those who have been following, those who haven’t and those who didn’t know, our good friend…
EVEL DICK has become the star in this season’s TV show on CBS,
I have been working with the producers from the show since the beginning doing little things such as getting pictures of Dick up in his room on the show when he was the Head Of Household
Now CBS has approached me to put together a special party this Thursday Night, August 2nd, 11:00 PM at The Cat Club to be filmed by CBS for this Sunday’s episode of Big Brother 8.


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Erics task – Was the Veto used?

Warning: This post does contain spoilers. The spoilers contain the phrase America has chose for Eric to start in the house and the results of the Power of Veto Ceremony.  Also post-ceremony reactions (videos).

If you wish to know because the results air on CBS click (more…)

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